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Supporting the digestion system to break down food into vital nutrients. The body uses the nutrients from food for energy, growth, and cellular repair.


Women's Health

Focus on bringing your body into optimal balance, which will natural diminish the physical discomfort. This involves mental, emotional balance, which is a healthy goal for any phase of life, including menopause.



A comprehensive body cleansing and natural detoxification program, to strengthen and promote optimum function of the organs.



A natural path that boost your immune system and works at balancing and rejuvenating your body


Weigh Loss

Our approach is not about dieting, it is about giving you the tools to bring real change in a healthy and sustainable way.



Help increase your self-awareness and give you a way into developing inner peace and better physical health.


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"My name is Mary. I decided to lose weight two and a half years ago. I started exercising, taking care of what I ate and drinking a lot of water, and if I dropped about 20 pounds, but after that I no longer lost weight. I listened to the radio and I was always about to call and order Sanavitta, but I was afraid. One day I made up my mind and called. Order the pills. Take them for 9 months and lose 40 pounds with Sanavitta alone. Yeeee, I rested for two months without taking them and I just started them again because I want to go down about 40 more. He weighed 240 pounds and went down to 200 pounds. And I'm going for 40 more. I've been on dates with my doctor and I'm in great health. I feel super good, with a lot of energy, my self-esteem rose, and I give more in my activities at work and in my personal life".

— Maria New York, NY.

"In one photo I weighed 195lbs., the first person that is me and the other when I go down 35lbs. This is my testimony of everything that goes down taking Sanavitta pills, I recommend them to my friends, and I tell them that they are the best and that they are natural do not have any contraindications I am very happy to have lowered, feel more energy and have no more pains in my knees".

— Yolanda Alvarado Union City, NJ.

“I have used Sanavitta for 2 months and the colon cleaner and I feel much better, I have already lowered 10 lbs. I've given it to my sister to try it. Thank you."

— Ana Larrahondo Elizabeth, NJ.

“I feel very good with Sanavitta pills. I was very addicted to bread, but a real addict and today I see it and nothing happens, I do not feel that need to eat, I have been changing my diet without any problem. I'm losing weight slowly because I have thyroids and apart, I haven't stopped eating, but I've noticed about my bread addiction and thank God I can tell you no."

— Luz Sandoval Inglewood, CA

“I was greatly helped by this magnificent product, I bought it already 2 times. I'm 100% satisfied."

— Edgar Castro Wilmington, CA.

“My story with Sanavitta started 2 years ago, I was cruelly betrayed, and my self-esteem was very low, I felt fat, ugly and sad. One day on my way to work I was parking the car and I had about 30 minutes off before I entered, I turned on the radio and there was Gloria B talking about some weight-loss pills, I decided to listen and after many weight loss treatments, I said to myself "well let's try it and see what happens". I called the number and I was treated very kindly, asked many questions and then I made the purchase for 3 months. When I started I weighed 250 lbs and I took me 2 years to go down, it was very easy and I walked a lot, gradually my clothes started to get looser and I went from 18-20 down to 16, after a few months to 14, a year later I was already at 12 and I reached size 8. Now, after losing 100 lbs," I take them to keep my weight and I hope to stay this way. I feel very good, my knees no longer hurt. Looks and admiration for the way I look, it makes me feel super good. I thank this product for raising my self-esteem and I think it's better than surgery. There's a lot to tell about, but here is a bit of what I think.”

— Marcela Villalba Flushing, NY.

I always buy Sanavitta for my daughter and I am very happy because I have seen the results, I have been buying this product for months and it has worked for her, she is very applied and does all the meals as they appears in the book that is sent with the capsules when we order" .

— Beatriz Ramon Miami, FL.

"After trying other products, which have not been beneficial to me, with many bounces and side effects, Sanavitta has been the best investment for my health that I have been able to make. Lost approximately 8 kg, I am very grateful to know this wonder, recommend it 100%, thanks Sanavitta".

— Rick Rayco Charlotte, NC.

“The treatment is superb. I recommend it 100%. I weighed 170 lbs and now that I'm taking Sanavitta I lost weight and sizes. My current weight is 160 "

— Saturnina Carrasco Somerville, NJ.

“This product is great. Is really helping me. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to lose weight."

— Lee Wacksman New City NY.

“Sanavitta is the best thing that I am taking to lose weight, I have lost 34 lbs in 3 months, I feel very good. I highly recommend it."

— Jose Torres Newark, NJ.

“Well the truth is that I am very happy because I have dropped 25 pounds and it has not cost me any physical effort, as I have been taking a capsule in the morning with lemon juice before breakfast. It has gone great, I recommend it 100%."

— Marta Onate Santa Clarita, CA.

“My husband is seeing great results. He's very happy. I hope we will continue to make a life and health change with Sanavitta's help, thank you."

— Klansy Aristondo Hempstead, NY.

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